Suffolk Local History Council DayOn Saturday 21st September nearly 50 members of Suffolk local History Council visited Laxfield. Speakers for the day were Dr John Ridgard, John Reeve, Barry Cable, Catherine Cawood and Bernard Mills. The visitors saw the old railway site, the Baptist Chapel, the Church, the Museum and were introduced to the history of houses in the High Street. Most sessions were led by members of the Museum Committee.End of season event 2013This took place on Friday 27th September at 7pm. There were refreshments and a chance to see the current exhibits before the museum closed. The highlight of the evening was a showing of the original film taken on the last day of the Middy in July 1952. Lasting ten minutes, it included the train's arrival in Laxfield, followed by rare archive footage of the Southwold Railway and concluded with John Betjeman's nostalgic trip on the 'royal line' to Wolferton Station. This was the Royal family's stop when staying at Sandringham, which was closed in the 60s. This was shown in the Old Boys' School. An historic event in its own right as the building is now up for sale as a residential home.

Middy Day Saturday 25th August 2012

Museum Outing to Brockford 29th July 2012

Medieval Festivities Evening 18th November 2011

Photographic Exhibition May 2011

Museum Open Night 6th August 2010

Youth Club WW2 Night 'Make Do & Mend'

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